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About Us

 My original idea that was to become Yetta Forever came about because my arms are just too long. So one Fall as I contemplated putting on another shirt that wasn't quite long enough to fully cover my wrists, I thought, "I could just add fingerless gloves to that shirt". And then my brain exploded with a million ideas. From skirts to jackets to purses I knew I had to get to a thrift store so I could start experimenting with upcycling.

When I shop at the thrift store I do so with some ideas of what to look for but also with a mind open to the possibilities within. I'm in love with the process, that each piece is unique and a unique challenge. I concentrated in Printmaking as a Fine Art major in college. There, I fell in love with the art of process. After graduation I learned how to crochet and knit and fell in love again. For years I played with knitting and crocheting but didn't quite find my passion until I discovered this process of upcycling.


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